Western medicine describe the treatment of medical conditions with medications, by doctors, nurses who employ methods developed according to Western medical and scientific traditions. Western medicine encompasses all types of conventional medical treatment, including surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, and physical therapy.

Complementary medicine has the same interventions when used in conjunction with western medicine. Complementary medicine can work along with the western medicine to help the healing process of the patient.

Adjunctive therapy is treatment used together with the primary treatment. Its purpose is to assist the primary treatment.

Herbal medicine is a traditional medicine based on the use of plants and plant extracts. Major advantages with herbal medicine are that it compliments western medicines by speeding up the recovery process and does not have side effects. Herbal medicine also helps in minimizing the side effects caused by conventional medicine.

Citralife lemongrass – Complementary Medicine and Adjunctive Therapy (in conjunction with western medicine) for major ailments. Citralife acts as a booster and accelerator in the healing process. Lemongrass is a Herbal Medicine for minor ailments. No side effects. Consider a form of Preventive Medicine to maintain good health.



Citralife lemongrass therapeutic drink has amazingly benefited thousands and cured many who suffered from various ailments in very short time. These people have asked us “what made this Citralife special from fresh lemongrass?”

The answer to produce good quality, high potency and therapeutic Citralife is simply that we;

  • Select the right lemongrass species
  • Have our own organic lemongrass farm and use organic fertiliser to maintain high grade quality lemongrass
  • Utilise only the best part of lemongrass where 80 gm output is processed from 1 kg input (ratio 1:11)
  • Using green energy to dry the lemongrass to preserve our environment
  • Optimise the processing time at the right temperature to maintain the active ingredients
  • Short process cycle from harvesting to packing so as to capture Citral essence

In summary, Citralife has no preservative, no additive and is 100% natural lemongrass and has 280% more Citral compared to fresh lemongrass.

We use pragmatic trials over a period of 18 months with a few thousands regular Citralife users. Only the consistent results (similar results from same ailment category) are published as testimonials. The company did not conduct clinical trials on lemongrass. We established the pragmatic trials on the efficacy of lemongrass for certain health problems by way of; 

- Written testimonies from customers as published in our blog site 
- Oral testimonies from repeat customers who buy our product regularly 

Lemongrass is a herbal medicine where the effectiveness is slower compared to chemical based medicine. Lemongrass is classified as a vegetable and herb by Ministry of Health Malaysia and HALAL by Islamic Development Department of Malaysia. 

University researchers in Middle East have discovered that citral in lemongrass (Cymbopogon Citratus) kills cancer cells in vitro, while leaving healthy cells unharmed. Citral is the component that gives the lemony aroma and taste in lemongrass.

The study found that citral causes cancer cells to "commit suicide”: using apoptosis, a mechanism called programmed cell death. A drink with as little as one gram of lemongrass contains enough citral to prompt the cancer cells to commit suicide in the test tube. Some doctors who are familiar with the benefits of lemongrass are recommending lemongrass to their cancer patients. Cancer patients should drink 5 cups to 10 cups every day to build up the immune system after chemotherapy treatment.

The Absolute Neutrophil Count (ANC) is to determine the stage that the immune system of the patient after response to chemotherapy. ANC is the actual number of white blood cells that a patient has to fight an infection. A normal ANC is greater than 2,500. A safe ANC is greater than 1,000. After chemotherapy, BMT, and radiation, a patient's ANC may drop low as 0. When the ANC drops below 500, it is important that patient's remain away from crowds and people who have colds and flu. This is to protect the patient from being exposed to possible infections.

Many cancer patients in Malaysia who took lemongrass herbal drink experienced a faster increase in ANC (3 times faster) and hence lemongrass accelerated the recovery in immune system after chemotherapy treatment. Increment in ANC to normality is 2 to 3 months for cancer patients while lemongrass drinking cancer patients took only 3 weeks based on numerous testimonies from cancer patients.

When Mr Kuan’s 16 years old daughter was diagnosed with leukemia 2 years ago in Ipoh, Malaysia, he quitted his job to provide the best care and support for his daughter as she underwent continuous chemotherapy treatments in the hospital for 3 years. Cancer patient friends have recommended lemongrass and this started Mr Kuan’s quest on the efficacy of lemongrass against cancer. Mr Kuan graduated with food technology degree from NSW, Australia (1986) and he spent much time to research on the benefits of lemongrass. He corresponded with many oncologists and professors in medical schools regarding herbal treatment of lemongrass for leukemia.

When doctors did not object to his idea of lemongrass as herbal medicine for his daughter, he bought fresh lemongrass from the market, clean, cut and mesh the lemongrass and put into boiling hot water. He simmered the lemongrass in a large pot and served his daughter to drink every day.

During chemotherapy treatment, she drank few cups of lemongrass and after chemotherapy she drank much more to increase her rate of recovery of her immune system. Her ANC report showed a faster recovery of 3 weeks compared to normal period of 2 to 3 months. Her doctor was surprised by her ANC report and the doctor asked Mr Kuan, “Did you feed your daughter with lemongrass?” and Mr Kuan reply was “YES”. Since then, she has been on this lemongrass formulation together with her chemotherapy treatment in the last 2 years. Her protocol is a 3 years chemotherapy treatment.

Oncologist advised cancer patients not to take chinese medicine or chinese drugs during chemotherapy treatment as it may interfere with the doctor’s treatment. Some chinese drugs consisting of concoction of herbs which have similar properties to the chemo drugs.

Since lemongrass is a vegetable, Mr Kuan believed that lemongrass did not interfere with his daughter’s chemotherapy. She is currently on her 3rd year of chemotherapy at the hospital.

While we are excited that research in Middle East has shown that lemongrass can kill cancer cells in vitro, while leaving healthy cells unharmed, we are certain that lemongrass can improve one’s immune system faster after chemotherapy based on ANC readings of many cancer patients who have undergone treatment.

Lemongrass improves blood circulation in our bodies and this leads to increase cell generation in all parts and vital organs (liver, kidney, etc) in our body. The generation of more cells and healthy organs then improve our immune system against ailments and infections. 

Citralife lemongrass herb contains Citral that detoxifies the body by increasing the quantity and frequency of urination. This helps to clean the kidney, liver, pancreas, digestive tract, bladder etc and removes unwanted toxic substances through the urine. 

Lemongrass also improves cell generation and revitalizes our organs especially our liver. Removal of uric acid and toxic substances from the body helps prevent arthritis, improve skin texture, reduce itchy rash and eczema. Frequent urination means removal of excess water along with fats from the body and thus Citralife lemongrass drink helps to lose weight. 

Citralife lemongrass promotes digestion of food and gives relief from gastroenteritis. It is also an ideal remedy for those who have flatulence. Citralife allows the muscles in the abdominal region to relax and release gas. 

Being a detoxifier, lemongrass contains Citral that removes excess cholesterol, uric acid, toxins and fats from the body. This stimulates blood circulation throughout the body. Drinking a glass of Citralife lemongrass herbal drink every day helps to reduce blood pressure. 

After drinking Citralife lemongrass herbal drink, some people (5% from the testimonials recorded) have experienced a Healing Crisis or Cleansing Reaction or Detox Reaction. Healing Crisis occurs when your body tries to eliminate toxins at a faster rate than your body can be properly disposed of the toxins. Some people may feel ill during the first few days of cleansing because it is at that point that your body dumps toxins into the blood stream for elimination. 

There may be a temporary increase in illness symptoms (sore throat, diarrhea, joint pains, slight fever, frequent urination) of 1 to 3 days during the cleansing or detoxification process. You may feel worse and therefore conclude that the treatment is not working. But these reactions are instead signs that the treatment is working and that your body is going through the process of cleansing itself of impurities, toxins and imbalances. 

Healing Crisis is the result of every body-system working to eliminate waste and toxins and set the stage for regeneration. The end result is old tissues are replaced with new. The detoxification reaction causes the organs of the body (particularly the liver, which is a storehouse of drug and poison residues) to release their stored poisons and toxins. After the Healing Crisis and cleansing of toxin from your body, you will feel better and rejuvenated. 

From the testimonies recorded, Citralife lemongrass is effective for many people after taking Citralife for the first time in their lives. However, some people have experienced reduction in effectiveness of Citralife lemongrass after continuous consumption for a period of few months. Some people may be immune to Citralife lemongrass efficacy. For these people who have built up immunity to lemongrass, we recommend that they abstain from Citralife for a week before resuming consumption. 

Alternatively, drink Citralife lemongrass for 4 days continuously and abstain for next 3 days in one week cycle. This drinking pattern is to improve the lemongrass efficacy for our bodies. 

Testimonies are good indicators and should be complimented with professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Never delay or disregard seeking professional medical advice from your doctor for major ailment. Use Citralife information you read as an indicator and seek second opinion from medical advice from your doctor if you are in doubt. If you are on medication or have persistent symptoms, please seek medical advice before taking Citralife lemongrass drink.

Life is a precious gift from God. The quality of our life depends on our physical health. Health is Wealth. Our health is dependent on a balanced life style such as diet, sleep habit, exercise, work activity, etc. Lemongrass is a simple therapeutic drink to maintain good health and also cured many from their ailments to bring them back to a normal health. When my father was diagnosed with 3rd stage prostate cancer, our family was devastated. Since then, my father has undergone radiation therapy and is currently under hormone therapy. When I was told that research has shown that lemongrass can kill cancer cells in-vitro, I researched and designed a green system to process lemongrass into herbal drink to help my father. Coincidently, my father discovered that his arthritis pain on his knees was reduced after drinking lemongrass for few weeks. Many amazing results from testimonies motivated us to further research into the efficacy of lemongrass. We started to collate statistical data from customers and lemongrass drinkers. As we documented these testimonies, the positive results were consistent and we decided to share with the public, hoping that more will come forward either to support or challenge our findings. We are willing to sponsor research work in universities and hospitals relating to lemongrass.

Gan Khai Chung
Director of Research

 Dr Gan Khai Chung completed his Bachelor of Engineering (1st Class Honours) in 1982 and PhD in Engineering at the University of Melbourne in 1986. He was on scholarship from Government of Victoria Government , Australia for his post graduate study. He was an executive in the corporate world for 15 years in Malaysia and Indonesia until 2001 before he focused on research and development. He is a researcher in green technology, renewable energy, agro based industry, environment and herbal medicine for the last 10 years. He has presented various papers and is a speaker in conferences on related fields Gan Khai Chung B. Eng (Hons),  PhD (Melbourne University)